Grandma’s Clothing Line for People With Down Syndrome Needs Your Help

A clothing line designed to bring comfort and confidence to people with Down syndrome has received an outpouring of support online. But there’s still more to do.

Downs Designs, created by Karen Bowersox, makes easy-to-wear and fashionable clothes tailored to fit people with Down syndrome. You can read our original story on the company here.

Inspired by her granddaughter, Maggie, who has the genetic condition and struggled to find clothing that fit properly, Bowersox has spent the last five years working to get her business off the ground and bring her jeans to people with disabilities.


The company offers 20 styles to accommodate different body shapes, and the jeans are made of soft, stretchy denim with an elastic waist to make dressing easier, Bowersox told The Mighty.

Recently, a Kickstarter campaign aimed at helping the company to expand received an overwhelming $11,000 in one day.

“I was so moved by that,” Bowersox told The Mighty. “It was so exciting to have that kind of response. I’ve certainly found there are a lot of people with heart out there.”

Now, with only four days left, the campaign has overshot its original goal of $5,000 and is currently over $21,500. However, with high manufacturing costs, Bowersox fears that the impressive sum will only make a small contribution to the business’ continued success.

“I’m very grateful for what we’ve collected,” she told The Mighty. “It sounds like a lot, but when you’re manufacturing clothes, that $21,000 can only go so far.”

But Bowersox isn’t about to give up.

“I still want to do coats and dress shirts and blouses and skirts,” she said. “This is my dream, to make a place for people with Down syndrome to shop.”

And Maggie, 9, takes all the media attention in stride. She’s a natural behind the camera in her Downs Designs Jeans.

“I feel that she knows something is up,  she knows she’s very special,” said Bowersox. “I’m just so thrilled to have her in my life. As she grows up, I’m going to try to help her have one less challenge in life.”

Visit this site to donate to the Kickstarter campaign, or visit the Downs Designs website and Facebook page for more information.  

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