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Man With Down Syndrome From This Viral Video Reaches Major Milestone

Last December, a video of Rion Holcombe, a 20-year-old man with Down syndrome, went viral. In it, Holcombe opens an acceptance letter to a program at Clemson University.

“I got accepted?” he says, before cracking an enormous smile.

Now, Holcombe is ready to take that collegiate step. This fall, he’s enrolled in “ClemsonLIFE,” a two-year program for people with intellectual disabilities. As Holcombe set off, CBS’ Steve Hartman caught up with him and his parents — who are preparing for an empty nest — to see how the young man is prepping for the new stage in life.

“It’s very challenging,” Holcombe says in the clip below. But he also says he’s up for it.

Watch the CBS Sunday Morning segment below:

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