Meet the First Comedy Troupe Entirely Comprised of Men With Autism

These four men with Asperger syndrome simply refuse to take life too seriously.

Jack Hanke, New Michael Ingemi, Ethan Finlan and Noah Britton comprise the first-ever comedy troupe made up entirely of people with an autism spectrum disorder, according to their IndieGoGo page. They call themselves “Asperger’s Are Us,” and they’re the subjects of an upcoming documentary (trailer below).

The film aims to teach the world more about autism — and make people laugh in the process –according to a post on the Asperger’s Are Us Facebook page.

The four friends met at a summer camp for kids with Asperger syndrome, according to the video below, and have since formed a comedy troupe that often addresses their shared condition.

“You can do things that are really, really great, not in spite of having autism or Asperger’s, but through it,” a member says in the video below.

Over the summer the troupe raised funds for the upcoming documentary. The first cut of the film will be available in December, according to their Facebook page.

While we all eagerly await the full-length documentary, enjoy the preview below:

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