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A Mom's Wonderful Gesture for Parents of Newborns With Down Syndrome

When Krista Rowland-Collins’ daughter, Adele, was diagnosed with Down syndrome, the new mother realized few resources told positive stories about babies with the genetic condition. She didn’t want future moms to get the diagnosis with an “I’m sorry” and a list of symptoms.

So she began making care packages in her basement that she sends to parents of babies with Down syndrome. She calls the project, “Adele’s Over the Rainbow Baskets,” and blogs about raising a child with Down syndrome on “A Perfect Extra Chromosome.”

In the Global News segment below, you’ll meet a recipient of one of those baskets — Kerry Godbout.

“I remember [our son] looking at me, and he’s thinking, ‘I’m not what you expected but love me anyways,’” Godbout told Global News. “And we did, we instantly did.”

Watch this beautiful story below:

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