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My Grandma’s Advice Perfectly Applies to Autism

My grandma often dispensed wise Irish wisdom while I was growing up like:

“On a hot summer day, drink a cuppa.” (That would be a cup of hot tea.)

“FM radio stands for ‘Fine Music.’”

“Don’t forget to say, ‘Add a ride, please’ to the bus driver or you won’t get home.” (Causing me to believe as a 6-year-old that I needed to say this to the school bus driver or I would have to live in the convent with the nuns.)

“Eat your carrots. They’re good for your eyes.” (Hey… she wore glasses until the day she passed at 93. What the hell, Grandma?)

One saying has always stuck with me: “With a house, there’s always something.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

Now I know she meant it in regards to the joys/pains of home ownership. Something is always breaking and needing to be serviced or worse, replaced.  You have dreams of a new design, your hot water heater leaks and changes your design vision.

However in an “autism house,” this is also rings true.

My kiddo has, like most kids — typical or not — behaviors du jour. Ones that are so maddening that they would drive a Buddhist monk to drink. My husband calmly reminds me, “Don’t worry, hon. Soon he’ll forget this one and do an even more annoying one.” There is, in some way, a comfort in that. Ebb and flow, if you will. There is some behavior we’ll be always addressing, redirecting and modifying.

On the flip side, there is often something that is positive. While my son is currently driving me around the bend with constant conversations about poo and pee, he’s also finally starting to eat new foods! A big effing deal in this house.

But then we are also dealing with his anger issues. He gets mad at me and, unfortunately for Daddy Fry, takes it out on him. Seriously, the kiddo runs from me to go hit him. Yeah, you can laugh. It is kind of funny. Well, not so funny to Daddy Fry, but to the rest of us it kind of is.

Upswing though: more independence in the whole bathroom area. (Which may be related to the constant poo/pee chatter.) Kiddo mastered number one but number two still needs work. However, he’s finally making more of an effort there. So props, Kiddo.

But then even that has another set of issues. Bedwetting. It is driving me up a wall! I think I heard my washing machine sigh the other morning when I brought another set of sheets down to wash.  So there’s another “something” this autism house is dealing with.

We’ll get through it. Really, what other choice do we have? Zip! Oh well, it’s least it’s “something”  to write about in the blog.

This post originally appeared on Autism With a Side of Fries.

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