New Comic Book Features Superhero With Autism

A comic book is changing the face of autism.

Face Value Comics has come out with the first and only comic book featuring a hero with autism. The story follows Michael, a young man with autism, who contends with obstacles including aliens, robots and misunderstandings, according to the Face Value Comics Facebook page.


David Kot, of Dover, Pennsylvania, created Face Value Comics three years ago with two goals in mind: entertaining people and educating young readers about emotional understanding in social situations, according to The York Dispatch.

“Since there hasn’t been a superhero with autism before, it will open people’s minds about autism and let them know about it in a fun way,” he told the paper. “I think families (affected by) autism might also have interest in the book.”

The comic book art uses “facial feature recognition” to reinforce emotional expression, according to the Facebook page. This means that readers can learn about a universal emotion and relate it to the character’s vivid facial expression drawn on the page, as well as the language associated with this emotion through a speech bubble.

To top it off, all this social learning is woven into an interesting sci-fi story aimed at a middle school-aged audience.

This is an opportunity for kids to have a hero like themselves,” Kot told NBC News.

We believe heroes do the right thing because of who they are, not because they have any unique powers,” says the Facebook page. “We believe people’s abilities, not (dis)abilities, make them heroes!”

So far, it has been a huge success with an overwhelmingly positive response. In fact, the comic book is currently completely sold out, according to the website. But customers can go on a backorder list or get a digital copy in the meantime.

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