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These Nurses Did Something Special to Put a Priceless Grin on a Patient's Face

Something as simple as streamers and a plastic tiara can mean so much to a child.

Mary Elizabeth is battling acute myeloid leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, according to

When undergoing chemotherapy treatments, she’s often forced to stay at the hospital for long stretches of time. Fortunately for her, Children’s Healthcare Atlanta has some amazing nurses who are determined to brighten her days.

In keeping with September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the hospital staff decided to decorate Mary Elizabeth’s room in gold — the month’s theme color — while she was out getting her treatments.

You get to become part of the patient’s family, even just for a little while,” one of the nurses says in the video below. “And you get to love on some really cool kids.”

The look on Mary Elizabeth’s face when she enters the room at the 2:07-minute mark is absolutely priceless. Nurses are the best.

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