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Siblings Star in Unbelievably Cute Video About Brother With Down Syndrome

Remember Ace and Archie Eicher? They’re back and better than ever.

This adorable brother-sister duo first made their YouTube debut a few years ago for World Down Syndrome Day, when older sister Ace talked about what it’s like having a brother with an extra chromosome. That video (below) went viral with more than 1,000,000 views.

“My mommy has tried to explain [Down syndrome] to me, but I still don’t understand,” Ace famously says in the clip. “But whatever, I’m just happy he’s my brother.”

If you haven’t seen it, take a look:

Now, the siblings are back with a new video to update viewers on their lives. More than two years have passed, and Archie has made some great strides.

Archie did not have a lot of language and his speech was very unclear back then,” their mother, Lisa Eicher, wrote on her blog. “It’s a whole different story today. He has lots of words. All day long. The words don’t actually ever stop.”

Ace and Archie have some other big news to report — they have a new baby brother named Radko.

In the video, the two siblings talk about their new brother and all the big changes that have taken place since viewers last saw them on YouTube.

One thing that hasn’t changed — and never will — is their unconditional love for one another.

Enjoy this sweet display of sibling affection:

For updates on Ace, Archie and baby Radko, check out their mother’s blog.

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