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Teen With Cerebral Palsy Sticks It to the Haters With Taylor Swift’s Advice

“The haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate,” Taylor Swift sings in “Shake It Off,” the first single off her upcoming album, “1989.” But she’s too busy having fun to care.

Dayna Dobias, 18, has taken that advice and turned it into a way to inspire people with disabilities to ignore anyone who makes fun of what makes them different. The teenager sometimes gets mocked for how she walks — cerebral palsy makes her stride appear shaky. So, instead of getting upset, she shook it off in the dance video below.


“I decided that I would try and use my disability in a positive way,” Dobias told The Mighty in an email, “and try to help inspire others to overcome obstacles in their life.”

This isn’t Dobias’ first YouTube video. Earlier this year, the teen launched “Project Media Equality,” an online campaign to change the way people with disabilities are portrayed on TV and in movies. Often, she feels, a character with a disability is defined by the condition, instead of being portrayed like any other person.

“People with disabilities have a life. I do have a life,” Dobias says on YouTube. “Cerebral palsy is not who I am, it’s just something I have.”

You can watch her “Project Media Equality” video here.

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