The Beautiful Way This Organ Recipient Honored Her Late Donor

Mason Mudlin gave Justine Komin the ultimate gift when he passed away, and now she’s doing all she can to thank him for it.

Komin, who has cystic fibrosis, received a lung transplant from Mudlin after the 27-year-old passed away in 2010, according to CBS News 12. He lived with a combination of rare auto-immune disorders that eventually claimed his life. To try to pay Mudlin and his family back for this last act of kindness, Komin decided to cross an item off his incomplete bucket list.

On Saturday, at 81 Speedway in Park City, Kansas, she got behind the wheel of a racecar in Mudlin’s honor.

“One point going down the back stretch — he was with me,” Komin told CBS in the video below.

She also met his family for the first time, who came from South Dakota to see her pay homage to the lifesaver she never met.

Witness the emotional moment of fulfillment in the video below:

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