The Delectable Way This Cab Driver Turned Immense Grief Into the Sweetest Ride in the City

When this New York City cab driver lost his son, he channeled his grief into a way to make his passengers smile. Now he needs your help.

Mansoor Khalid, 38, has been a cab driver since 1996. In 2010 his son was born with a congenital heart defect, according to The New York Times’ blog. Khalid would drive his cab during the day and visit his child at Montefiore Medical Center in the Bronx at night. Each time he visited, he would bring coffee and sweets to the nurses and doctors. He liked spreading positivity in an otherwise grim place, so he kept doing it until his son died in April 2012.

When he finally returned to work, he wanted to chase the feeling he got from bringing sweets to the hospital. That’s when he had the idea to turn his cab into the “Candy Cab.”


Khalid has since become famous for filling the back dashboard of his car with candy. Passengers are encouraged to take as much as they want.

“Everybody is depressed, stressed, New York City is not an easy life, so when New Yorkers see all the candies, chocolates, they cheer up,” Khalid told The Times. “Some people start screaming, they’re so happy.”

That’s not all. Last year Khalid dropped $4,000 to install lights and speakers to the back of the cab so passengers can plug in music and sing karaoke. He’s since acquired a vast social media following on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for people to share their rides and request pickups.

However, on Sept. 3 the Candy Cab broke down, according to “Today.” Because of debt he and his wife accumulated while paying for their son’s treatment, he can’t afford a new cab. After making the announcement on social media, many followers suggested he start a GoFundMe page to raise money for a new cab – so he did.

“I really want to continue as a Candy Cab driver and provide my dear fans, NYC visitors and riders with opportunities that are memorable and full of fun and most importantly continue the good cause (making people smile),” he writes on the donations page.

He’s offering a free ride to anyone who donates at least $100. His end goal is $50,000. He plans to use any excess funds on more candy, which he says costs him between $400 and $600 each week, according to “Today.”

You can donate to help get the Candy Cab back on the streets at Khalid’s GoFundMe page here. Watch the video below to see the cab in action.

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