The Perfect Excuse to Look at Steamy Firefighters

What’s better than sexy photos of firefighters? Why, sexy photos of firefighters for an important cause, of course.

As a father of a child with autism and a firefighter from Tucson, Arizona, Justin Lewis was dismayed to learn that drowning is among the leading causes of death for individuals with autism. According to The National Autism Association, between 2009 and 2011, “accidental drowning accounted for 91 percent total U.S. deaths reported in children with an [autism spectrum disorder] ages 14 and younger subsequent to wandering/elopement.” Lewis set out to change that.

“As firefighters, drownings are the worst calls we go on,” he told The Mighty in an email. “Not only because [they involve] kids, but because they’re preventable.”


Lewis founded a nonprofit organization called Firefighters vs. Autism, which works to prevent autism-related drownings by raising money for rescue swim lessons, pool fences, autism-awareness training for first responders, service dogs and more.

One of the main ways the organization is raising funds is by selling some steamy firefighter calendars. Check out a few of the calendar shots below:


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In addition to the calendars, Firefighters vs. Autism also sells hats, shirts and other merchandise on their website to raise money and awareness for its cause.

To learn more or to purchase some merchandise, visit the Firefighters vs. Autism website.

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