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This Beautiful Father-Daughter Dance Will Bring You to Tears

A couple in Victorville, California, completely scrapped their wedding plans so the bride’s father could witness the important event.

Lisa Wilson and her fiancĂ©, Robert Pantoja, were married on Aug. 22, in a hospital room where Wilson’s father, David Wilson, was staying in the ICU.

He was battling a rare form of cancer that would keep him from attending the formal event, according to CBS Los Angeles. But the only thing more important to the couple than getting married was making sure the bride’s father had the chance to give her away and share the traditional father-daughter dance.

Cameras were rolling in the hospital room as the couple was pronounced man and wife. In an even more powerful display of love, the father-daughter dance was set to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

Unfortunately, the family announced on Facebook that David Wilson died 11 days later on Sept. 2. While the family mourns his passing, we hope they can take solace in the fact that he lived to give his beautiful daughter away on her wedding day.

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