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A cheeky new Nestlé Fitness ad campaign is using a strategically placed hidden camera to raise awareness about breast cancer.

In the video below, a cleavage camera mounted in a woman’s hot pink bra captures all the times throughout the day strangers checked out her breasts.

Your breasts are checked out every day,” the ad reads. “So when was the last time you checked your own?”

Nestlé is encouraging women to better detect breast cancer when it’s in its early stages. All women should familiarize themselves with both the appearance and feel of their breasts so they can report any changes promptly to their physician, according to

So ladies, first check out the video below, and then, go check yourself out:

See some behind the scenes footage from the cleavage cam here, and visit #CheckYourSelfie to participate in Nestlé Fitness‘s campaign. 

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