Triple Amputee Posts Amazing Video Inspiring Others to Never Give Up Hope

Singapore Navy serviceman Jason Chee is not one to let challenges defeat him.

Chee lost three limbs in a ship accident back in 2012, according to Channel News Asia. He became caught between a motorized winch and a berthing rope while on board a warship, resulting in the loss of both legs and his left arm. But only 18 months after the accident, he returned to work as an Operations Supervisor.

And this week, he posted a video on Facebook showing him swimming in a pool.

Never give up hope and your life!!!” Chee wrote on his Facebook. “Be yourself to do things successfully and confidently!!! Trust yourself and tell your heart that you can do it without fail!!!”

Soon after, he posted another video showing him exiting the pool unassisted.

An amazing man, with incredible positivity and a great outlook on life. Way to go, Chee.

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