Watch the Beautiful Moment These Blind Sisters See for the First Time

Thanks to an amazing surgery and a fantastic nonprofit, two sisters from India were given the gift of sight.

Sonia and Anita, 12 and 6 respectively, were born to a family that couldn’t afford a surgery that costs $300 to restore a person’s eyesight. As one doctor in the video below notes, most people in their situation end up as beggars.

The girls were saved from that fate by 20/20/20, a nonprofit devoted to making sure this life-changing surgery is made available to those who need but cannot afford it. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes and recovery consists of just a bandage over the eyes for a few hours, according to 20/20/20’s site.

The surgery involves a small incision in the eye where a surgeon removes the defective lens that causes blindness, according to 20/20/20. The surgeon then replaces the defective lens with an artificial one that costs only about $2.

The total expense might not seem too steep, but it’s still out of the price range for the girls’ family. So 20/20/20 paid for their operations through donations.

And a camera caught the breathtaking moment when the bandages were removed and the sisters saw the world for the first time.

Take a look:

To donate to the cause, you can visit the 20/20/20 website here.

h/t National Geographic

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