Watch the Euphoric Moment a Professional Hockey Player Surprised His Biggest Fan

Professional athletes often make headlines during the season. But this hockey player deserves some attention for his offseason activity.

Michael Del Zotto, who in the last year has gone from the New York Rangers to the National Predators to most recently, the Philadelphia Flyers, isn’t leaving his old fans behind. He proved that in the “Beyond The Offseason” segment below, where Del Zotto surprised his biggest supporter and good friend, 12-year-old Liam Traynor.

Liam, who has cerebral palsy, became well-known as a diehard Rangers fans when he appeared in an HBO documentary about the team’s rivalry with the Flyers. After meeting the team, he became particularly close with former head coach John Tortorella and Del Zotto, a defensemen. Even when the latter was traded, Liam kept in touch — the two text before every game.

Please understand, this is not a one-way street,” Del Zotto told ESPN The Magazine of the friendship. “Liam means as much to me as I mean to him. If I need some inspiration, all I have to do is call up a video the Traynors sent me of Liam working out on his treadmill.”

Below, “Beyond The Offseason” host Lisa Varga once again brought the two friends together. This time, though, Liam didn’t know about the surprise visit. The look on his face at around the 1:36 mark is priceless.

The cool thing is that Michael treats Liam like one of the guys,” Varga later wrote on her blog. “He doesn’t see the physical challenges Liam has.”

Watch the euphoric moment in the segment below:


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