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Watch the Heartwarming Moment This Cancer Patient Finds Out He’s Leaving the Hospital

Sometimes, little victories deserve the biggest celebration.

In the video below, posted on Monday, 7-year-old Avery Harriman finds out that after 23 days of chemotherapy in the hospital, he gets to go home. His reaction is perfect.

Avery, whose dad, Chris Harriman, is an assistant basketball coach at the University of Nebraska, is battling leukemia for the third time, according to CBS Sports.

There’s no way to sugarcoat it,” Chris Harriman told the station. “It’s a bad deal.”

Avery will head back to the hospital this week for a bone-marrow biopsy. We wish him the best of luck in his journey. For now, we’re thankful he got the wonderful moment below. Keep fighting, Avery. We know you’re #AveryStrong.

Watch Avery’s reaction below:

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