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When I Found Out My Daughter Had Down Syndrome: What I Wish I Could Take Back

One thing I wish I could take back when I found out Pip has Down syndrome, is all the tears I cried… sobbed… wept… Yep, “wept” is the right word… over the relationship I thought Noal would have with his sister. I was so very sad thinking he had been cheated of an amazing friendship, like the one I had with my brother.

Oh, Fate, you funny thing, you. Daily you show me how very much I have to learn.



Most mornings when Pip wakes up from her nap, Noal goes running into her room, climbs up into her crib and has a little play. It makes for some of my absolute favorite moments, because I just sit back and watch them and reflect on how different I feel about their relationship now.


Today, however, Noal heard her crying. He said, “Oh no, Momma,” and went storming up the stairs and into her room with such purpose. Once he maneuvered his stumpy little legs over her crib rails, he cuddled on in, patted her back and kept saying, “It’s OK, sweetheart, you OK, I got ya sweetheart.”


Well played, Fate. Very well played.

This post originally appeared on Happy Soul Project.

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