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'American Horror Story' Actor With Dwarfism Proudly Uses the 'F' Word (Not the One You Think)

We’re all freaks in our own way,” Ben Woolf says in the video below.

And he’s absolutely right.

The teacher-turned-actor from Los Angeles opened up about his career in acting, the challenges of his day-to-day life and his role as the character “Meep” in “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” Take a look:

Woolf’s appearance is the result of a diagnosis of pituitary dwarfism as well as some chemotherapy he underwent in his youth, according to the video above. He’s capitalized on this and made a successful career out of acting, with roles in two seasons of “American Horror Story.” In addition to this season, he played “Infantata” in the show’s first season, “Murder House.”

Check out the story of one of his fellow cast member, self-proclaimed “freak” and British actor Mat Fraser, here.


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