Bride Who Walked Down the Aisle After Being Declared Paralyzed Defies the Odds Once More

Liz Mitchell is a woman who has made a habit of doing the impossible.

In 2012, Mitchell, of Waco, Texas, was playing with her dog on a balcony at her home when everything changed. She fell backwards through a guard railing and landed on her head, shattering her C6 and C7 vertebrae, injuring her spinal cord and landing herself in a medically-induced coma for five days, ABC News reported.

I went from a 32-year-old woman who was healthy, having a boyfriend who really never saw me with a hair out of place, to lying in a bed in a diaper,” Mitchell told the outlet.

When she came out of the coma she was declared a quadriplegic and told she would never walk again, according to NBC News. But, encouraged by her boyfriend at the time, Bryan Mitchell, she didn’t give up.

A few months later, something miraculous happened. A home video showed Mitchell moving her legs for the first time since the accident. She then underwent intense physical therapy and rehabilitation and eventually walked down the aisle with her fiancé by her side.

The miracles don’t stop there. Just two years after her fall, Liz Mitchell has once again done something doctors didn’t think possible — she’s pregnant.

Despite limited sensation in her body from the neck down — she describes it as feeling “asleep” — she was able to feel the baby’s kick, ABC News reported.

“I cannot believe it. It is such a miracle,” she told the outlet. “It seems like a dream, but I’m ready.”

Bryan and Liz Mitchell’s daughter, Dorothy Marie Mitchell, is due in on Thanksgiving Day, according to NBC News.

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