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How 2 Golden Retrievers Saved the Life of Their Owner With Parkinson's Disease

If not for her dogs, this woman says she would not be alive right now.

Judy Muhe, 76, of Palmdale, Florida, had a bad fall in her kitchen that left her stranded on the floor for two days with a broken shoulder, according to ABC News. Muhe lives alone and was unable to get up and call for help.

Muhe has Parkinson’s disease and getting excessively cold can be potentially life-threatening. Luckily, her two golden retrievers, Dodger and Higgins, nestled next to her on the floor, keeping her warm and refusing to leave her side until a friend came. Muhe says their actions saved her life.

My guardians,” she told the outlet, “I have no doubt they would do it again.”

Watch the whole story below. You may need some tissues.

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