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How Pole Dancing Helped This Amputee Regain Her Confidence

Lisa Eagleton, also known by her stage name “Lady Lush Lisa,” is not one to let her disability hold her back.

The 40-year-old mother of four from Manchester, England, lost the lower part of her right leg seven years ago after a car accident, according to The Manchester Evening News. For months she struggled to rehabilitate and learn to walk with a prosthetic. But now she does much more than just walk — she dances.



Since the accident I felt unattractive,” she told the paper. “I had low confidence and was uncertain of what the world thought of a limbless woman. However, I felt that it was time to accept that this is me and rebuild myself.”


Eagleton, who always enjoyed dancing before losing her leg, found her way back to it through pole dancing. It’s low impact and the presence of a pole offers her the option of support when she needs it.

She proudly calls herself Britain’s only amputee pole-dancer, according to her Facebook page. She’s also an alternative model, meaning she doesn’t conform to typical beauty standards.


Disability isn’t inability,” she wrote on her Facebook page. “And whatever the size you are you should feel beautiful to be. I’m imperfect, but thats me.”

Her modeling career began when Eagleton was asked to participate in a photo shoot by photographer David Draken while she was still rehabilitating from the accident, according to Pace Rehabilitation. The whole experience was so positive that she decided to pursue alternative modeling and has since found happiness and confidence through the work.

Check out some of her photos below:




Through modeling and pole dancing, as well as some of her other hobbies like aerial silks (a type of acrobatics involving long ribbons) and swimming, Eagleton has empowered herself and regained confidence. And along the way, she’s certainly served as an inspiration for others.

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