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8 Ways to Help Families in the Hospital

We have all known someone in the hospital. For our friends and family, they know how familiar we are to the hospital and I doubt that any of them are surprised when we go back in.

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Here are a few ways that you can support someone who’s in the hospital.

1. Make a meal. Nothing complicated; something they can just reheat.Bring it to them in the hospital or to family members still at home.

2. Pray. This seems obvious. Actually do it though. Don’t just say you will on social media. There is power in prayer.

3. Call or text. Calling is more comforting, but they may be busy and not have time to talk. Shoot a text or email just to let them know you’re thinking about them. Don’t expect a response.

4. Offer to help at home. Usually the professionals have things covered at the hospital, but everything at home gets put on hold. Offer to do wash, sweep and mop or clean the bathroom. Don’t judge how it looks at first; just try to make it better.

5. Help take care of siblings. We have a few friends and family members who offer to take care of our other child every time one of them has to stay at the hospital. This means so much to us.

6. Pack a lunch for the spouse to take to work. In our case, my hubby misses that part about me when I’m in the hospital.

7. Ask to visit. You don’t need to bring anything; just find time. Ask them first, though. They may be busy. There’s nothing sweeter then being able to wrap your arms around a friend in need and squeezing. Let them know you’re there for them.

8. Offer to bring things from their home. They may have been so rushed to get to the hospital that they forgot something. If you don’t feel comfortable going to their house, then pick whatever they need up at the store.

These are just a few things. The main thing is to put yourself in their shoes. What if you had to drop whatever you were doing and leave? What would you need with you? What would you forget? What would you want from your friends and family if you had a child in the hospital?

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