NCAA Reschedules Games So Player With Terminal Cancer Can Have Her Last Wish

This is a story of unwavering strength and community support in the face of tragedy.

Lauren Hill, 19, has terminal brain cancer, according to WKRC News. The basketball player from Cincinnati had already committed to play ball at Mount Saint Joseph University starting this fall when she got the diagnosis last year. Doctors say she’s not expected to live past December.

Knowing she may not make it to the opening game of the season, scheduled as an away game on November 15, coaches and staff worked with the NCAA to make some changes. They asked to make it a home game and move it up so Hill could realize her dreams of playing college ball, even if just for one game.

On November 2, Hill will take the court as Mount St. Joseph faces off against Hiram College.

I never gave up for a second even when I got a terminal diagnosis,” Hill told WKRC News. “Never thought about sitting back and not living life anymore.”

Watch the video below for more on this inspiring teen and the incredible support she’s receiving from her teammates:

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