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Newlywed Husband Finds Lovely Way to Help Wife Regain Her Memory

Sometimes, love is the best medicine.

Raleigh and Tunicia Hall, of Queens, New York, were married on June 28, according to CBS News. A month later, Tunicia, 43, suffered a brain hemorrhage that robbed her of her short-term memories.

She was rushed to North Shore University Hospital after complaining of a severe headache, where doctors determined she had a brain aneurysm. She couldn’t remember her age or what year it was, or, worst of all, whether or not she was married to her husband.

I felt like I lost her,” Raleigh Hall told NBC New York. “I was fighting to get her back. Whatever came to mind, I tried.”

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He came up with a plan and began to cover the walls of her hospital room with hundreds and hundreds of photos from their wedding in Long Island, according to ABC News. Tunicia would spend hours looking at them and guests who came to visit her would talk about memories from the event.

“The whole point of putting up the pictures was to connect her with those that love her,” he told ABC.

And it worked. After weeks in the hospital, her memories gradually came back to her.

It’s not just medical science that’s bringing patients back,” Dr. Richard Temes, North Shore University Hospital neurocritical care director, told CBS News. “Patients’ families are so important and key in terms of neurological recovery.”

Now, thanks in part to her husband’s love and determination, Tunicia is back home and working with a physical therapist. She feels she has fully regained her memories, according to NBC New York. On Tuesday, the hospital helped the happy couple celebrate their three-month anniversary with cake and a performance of their wedding song.

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