This 2-Minute Film May Help You Understand the Mind of a Child With Autism

The world of a child with nonverbal autism is one that no one but that child can fully understand. However, these two filmmakers have made an attempt to offer the world a small glimpse into what life might be like for children on the spectrum.

Marisabel Fernandez and Alexander Bernard created a short film called “Listen” for their Ringling College of Art and Design senior thesis, according to their Vimeo description. The film delves into the mind of a girl with nonverbal autism using shapes, colors and sounds to try to articulate feelings of sensory overload and misunderstanding.

“Our wish with this piece is to give a glimpse into the lives of children living with autism,” the description on Vimeo reads, “and, in any way we can, to inspire positive change through a deeper tolerance and understanding.”

The filmmakers also qualify that, as autism is a wide spectrum with complex and different experiences across it, “Listen” is just their interpretation inspired by research and time spent within the autism community.

Recently, the two-minute-long film won Fernandez and Bernard the Grand Prize in the 2014 Adobe Design Achievement Awards, according to PR Web.

Watch the short film “Listen” above.

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