These 24 People Have Advice for Any Parent Who Just Received a Down Syndrome Diagnosis

Dear New or Future Parents of a Child With Down Syndrome,

When you read the statements below you’ll notice two overlying themes: It’s going to be (more than) OK. And you deserve to be congratulated.

We know a new diagnosis can be scary, so we asked parents, friends and family members of people with Down syndrome what they would say to you if you met. Here’s what they had to say:

dsm2 jean

dsm2 caleigh

dsm2 joy

dsm2 rachelle

dsm2 nicola

dsm2 tiffany

dsm2 jo

dsm2 stephanie

dsm2 tina

dsm2 tara

dsm2 jennifer

dsm2 erin

dsm2 kluane

dsm2 carolyn

dsm2 cat

dsm2 melissann

dsm2 erin

dsm2 maureen

dsm2 phillip

dsm2 casey

dsm2 jen

dsm2 nancy

dsm2 tommy

dsm2 monica

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