This 8-Year-Old’s Unbelievable Memory Convinced an Airline to Let Him Join Their Team

photo (12) If you’ve flown on a plane, you’ve heard and seen the pre-flight safety demonstration — possibly several times. But could you recite it?

Lucas Stibbard, an 8-year-old with autism, has taught himself the entire routine word for word. Seeing his passion for airplanes, his mom, Catherine, asked Virgin Australia if they could give Lucas a name badge. The airline took it a step further. They offered him an honorary spot on their team — in the video below, he gets to do the demonstration on a real flight. He also gets to meet the pilot.

“I would love people to get inspiration from this,” Catherine Stibbard told The Mighty. “To see Lucas standing and speaking so confidently is inspirational.”

photo (11)

Watch Lucas’ dream come true:

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