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This Blind 3-Year-Old Plays Piano Better Than Most Adults

Little Branko Dvorecky, at age 3, already plays the piano better than his father, 37, who’s been practicing for ten years, according to Express UK.

The precocious child from a small village near Bratislava, Slovakia, was born blind and started hitting notes on the piano when he was 2. Despite never having had a piano lesson in his life, Branko learned his favorite cartoon songs by ear and now plays everything from pop songs to excerpts from Wagner, Tchaikovsky and Bach. His mother calls him a “gift from God.”

“When I first found out he was blind I was terribly sad and a little bit angry,” Elena Dvorecky, Branko’s mother, told Express. “But now I think he is a real treasure.”

Remember the name Branko Dvorecky, because this gifted child is sure to do something incredible with his talents one day.

See the child prodigy in action in the video below:

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