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This Boy Keeps Finding More Epic Ways to Incorporate His Wheelchair Into His Halloween Costumes

Ryan Weimer has got this whole dad thing down pat.

Proof of that are the fantastic Halloween costumes he’s been making for his son, Keaton, the past few years. Keaton, 9, has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair to get around.

“I could write you a long, sometimes difficult but ultimately amazing story of our adventures with our children and SMA,” Ryan Weimer writes on his fundraising page, “but for now let’s just say that we have to look at life through a different set of lenses than the average man or woman.”

In 2008, when Keaton decided he wanted to be a pirate for Halloween, his dad made an awesome pirate ship from his wheelchair. Past costumes have since included a knight (with a horse!), a dinosaur and an elephant. But this year, Keaton has his eyes on being “Toothless” from DreamWorks’ “How to Train Your Dragon.” Dad’s definitely going to come through.

“There’s not too many super cool things about being in a wheelchair,” Keaton’s mom, Lana Weimer, says in the video below. “But on Halloween it is super cool to have a wheelchair to drive around with a great, big, awesome costume on.”

Meet Keaton and take a look at all that’s been going into this year’s costume:

If you’d like to make a donation towards Keaton’s future costumes, head here.

h/t NY Daily News

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