Watch the Moment When, For the First Time in More Than 3 Decades, This Man Saw Light

Larry Hester has spent half his life blind. Now, thanks to a bionic eye, he’s begun to see again.

The 66-year-old has been blind for 33 years because of a degenerative disease called retinitis pigmentosa, Duke University reported. However, doctors at Duke have now made him only the seventh-ever person in the United States to use an Argus II Retinal Prosthesis Device — which uses wireless technology to send visual signals to the brain.

Although he will not regain his vision fully, Hester can now see flashes of light and distinctions between dark and light areas. He will continue to work with Duke Eye Center for additional training on the device.

It was also at Duke where Hester, a tire salesman from Raleigh, North Carolina, got the devastating news, three decades ago, that he would eventually go blind, Today reported.

But, at the beginning of October, Doctors flipped a switch in Hester’s surgically implanted device and he saw light.

Can I kiss him?” his wife, Jerry Hester, exclaims in the video below as soon as her husband confirms that he can in fact see flashing light. The two then shared a beautiful moment together.

Since then, Hester’s vision has continued to improve as he works with doctors and learns to use the device. In fact, it’s improved to the point where he was recently able to distinguish between a dark chair his wife was sitting in and the lighter color of her skin against it, according to Today.

He reached out and touched my face,” Jerry Hester told the outlet. “That is the first time he had done that in a long time. It was a sweet and precious moment.”

Watch the wonderful moment doctors turned on Larry Hester’s bionic eye in the video above.

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