Awesome Photo Series Captures People With Down Syndrome Showing Off Their Individuality

One photographer is out to demonstrate that people with disabilities, like all people, are more than a stereotype.

Germany-based photographer Linda Dajana Krüger, who goes by “Dai Lyn Power,” recently completed a photo series called “Real Prettiness” that captures the individuality of people with Down syndrome. In each portrait, Power attempted to draw out the character of her subjects as well as highlight their playful sides. She wanted to show the men and women exuding confidence and as they want the world to see them.



Power began the project in the summer and worked with the Diakoniewerkstatt Mannheim Neckarau, an employment services organization for individuals living with disabilities, to find models, according to The Huffington Post. The subjects often helped pick their own costume and accessories.

I wanted people to see how beautiful, happy, funny, and open they are,” Power told HuffPost. “They are being just themselves.”






Visit Dai Lyn Power’s website to see more of her work.

h/t The Huffington Post

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