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Basketball Player Dying of Cancer Fulfills Last Wish

Lauren Hill had her moment.

So many things had to happen to get here. When she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer last year, she was determined to fulfill her dream of playing college basketball at Mount St. Josephs.

When doctors said she may not live long enough to see her first game, the NCAA and her team’s opponent, Hiram College, agreed to start the season two weeks early.

Ten thousand people packed the arena to see Hill play on Sunday, many holding signs of support. And when she scored the first points of the game, a celebration broke out. In fact, the NCAA tweeted “The place went nuts.”

“To reach and touch this many people is amazing,” Lauren said after the game. “Not many people knew about DIPG before me, and now that they do, we can get research going to cure this cancer. I won’t be around to see that, but it’s going to help so many people. That’s why the support can’t end with this game.”

To learn more about Hill’s story, watch the video below.

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