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This Man Has Received More Than 20,000 Cards From Total Strangers for His 30th Birthday

Earlier this month, Lucien Parisseaux, from Calais, France, decided to make a Facebook appeal asking some of his friends to send cards to his son with Down syndrome for his 30th birthday, according to his Facebook page. Manuel Parisseaux turned 30 on November 22, and on that day alone he received around 3,000 birthday cards from strangers all over the world.



Parisseaux’s original post went so viral Facebook thought it was an ad and removed it, according to La Voix Du Nord. To get around this, his wife, Jacqueline, again reiterated the call for cards on her Facebook page, and people all over the Internet once again enthusiastically received the message.

More than 20,000 cards have been sent to the family so far, from countries all over the world, Nord Pas-de-Calais reported.

We would never have imagined the extent that it could have taken a few days after an ordinary message on the net,” Jacqueline Parisseaux told La Voix Du Nord. “We are surprised by this outpouring of generosity, support messages, kindly encouragement. The world is not indifferent after all.”

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