To the Lovely Lady Who Let Her Sons Say Hello to My Little Boy

Dear Lovely Lady,

I saw you and your little boys when you first came into the restroom as I sat with our son laid out on the little sofa of the nursing room. I saw you glance our way several times as you helped your little ones wash their hands.

mom next to son in wheelchairOur eyes met in the mirror, and I smiled at you. I went about pouring formula into the tube that gives our son his main nutrients. I didn’t hear you come into the little room until you said hello and asked if it was OK to introduce your little boys to our little boy. At first I was a little shocked and it took a second to form the words, “Sure, it’s OK.” You asked what our boy’s name is and his age, and I responded. I was in awe of you as you introduced your little boys, who were 5 and 3. I watched your boys talk to our son, asking him how he was doing, what he was doing and what that tube going in his stomach was. I saw Blaine’s face light up, his eyes shining with his little crooked smile that I love so much and his little arms pulled up to his chest, trying to push his voice out, but he was so excited no sound came out. I watched you teach your boys a life lesson, and they responded to Blaine like he was just another little boy who they would play with.

I could barely believe it was all happening. It took my breath away. After a few minutes you gathered your little boys and had them say goodbye, as it was time to go back into the church service we were attending. On your way out the door, I finally found my voice. I told you thank you. A puzzled look came across your face and you asked for what. With tears streaming down my face, I explained it was for introducing your sons and acknowledging that our son was just another little boy like yours. You said, “Oh, but he is.” I said I know, but not everyone sees that. So many times we get the funny look or just ignored. You have no idea what it meant to me. You gave me hug and went on your way.

If I could tell you thank you again, I would. My heart will always be grateful for your kindness in the midst of a trying time in our life. Whenever the memory of that moment comes to mind I know that there’s still goodness in this world. I will never forget you. I pray often that God blesses you and your boys. From one mother to another, thank you.

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