Teen With One Arm Is Determined to Make His Basketball Dreams Come True

This teenager will not be held back by his disability.

Jordan Lee, 14, was born with a condition where his left arm stopped developing just beyond his elbow joint, and even doctors are unsure why, according to BreakingNews.ie. But the teen from County Kerry, Ireland, has never let that stop him from pursuing his passion– basketball.

Jordan dreams of playing for his country recently came true. The teen will be playing for the Irish Under-15 development squad preparing for next year’s European Basketball Championships, according to The Irish Independent. He credits his father, Jarlath Lee, for encouraging him to continue on in the sport despite his disability.

Dad always said that I could adapt my game to suit myself ,” Jordan told the outlet, “and that I didn’t need a full left hand to make my mark.”

Watch the video below for more of Jordan’s inspiring story:

h/t Reddit Uplifting News

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