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This Is How Real People Define ‘Normal’

Here at The Mighty, we believe different is beautiful and that “normal” is a flexible concept. But we wanted to know what you had to say about the topic. We asked our readers to personally define “normal,” and your answers (and beautiful faces) blew us away. Here’s what you had to say:

“Normal is different to every single person.” — Rachel Best


“I don’t think there is such a thing [as normal]… And if there is I wouldn’t trade anything for it. Give me wacky, crazy, happy, different and everything else in between.” — Candice Roberts


“Similar to ‘love,’ normal is a term that falls astoundingly short of expressing the wide range of human emotions and experiences.” — Lachlan Nicholson


“Normal is whatever you see life or your struggles as. So honestly, normal is whatever you want it to be for yourself.” — Ariel Smith


“My 14-month-old daughter has a trach and G-tube. She has bilateral vocal cord paralysis that we’re praying is not permanent. She’s on enteral feeds 20 hours/day, which limits her mobility and causes her to be delayed in hitting her milestones. Yesterday, the fall weather was sunny, bright and crispy so I carried her out to the back porch to sit in the sun and listen to the sounds of nature. For those few minutes, she was just as calm and curious as any other baby would be while wrapped in the arms of her loving mother. She had no cords, monitors or machines. It was just us outside enjoying our surroundings. Those moments felt ‘normal’ to me, but even more precious.” — Stacy Staggs


“Normal is just a setting on the dryer. My daughter is extraordinary not because of the extra chromosome but by just being herself.” — Jomar Rachelle Dioso


“Our normal is Hello Kitty plastered everywhere, hanging mood lights for dark and scary nights, quoting movie lines and books all the time, taking her out of situations that would cause meltdowns with no need to explain, working extra hard in speech and occupational therapy and letting her sparkle and shine for the world.” — Jamie Rankin


“Everyone’s normal is different. You can’t really put any number of people in the same place and consider them one set of things.” — Ali Hammons


“Normal cannot exist in a society where everyone is different. Every person is a different flower and altogether, we make the most beautiful garden.”
— Gemma Bryan


“Normal is for those who don’t understand what living is! Spin in circles, run in fields, make a fort with sheets and dance while you’re walking down the aisles of a grocery store. Step out of the box and see what all us ‘abnormals’ are up to!”
— Kylie Almeida


“Normal depends on your life situation. My daughter doesn’t go to school everyday and she doesn’t get straight A’s but we function and have learned to be OK with it. We’re focusing on her gifts and how she can best make use of them in her future professional life. We’re focusing on the longterm success!”
— Gabrielle Tomory


“Every day is different, bringing a new set of challenges. Nonetheless, on this unique journey there’s an abundance of love, laughter, hugs and joy. These things are the root of what bring us close to ‘normal.’ There’s so much joy in this journey… I wouldn’t change a thing.” — Stephanie Richards


“To me, normal is a life free from drama, judgment and negativity. Who needs that in a good day?” — Susan Heffron


 “I only know what’s normal at the end of the day. I have to wait and see what transpires first.” — Denis Myers 1959345_10152394980676333_1406225500689414562_n

“There’s no such thing [as normal]. Everyone is just themselves and has a set of specific needs.” — Kimberly DelBianco


“Every single one of us is different from everybody else. Yes, we have many of the same things, but, we’re all unique! And, you know what? That’s OK! Be yourself!” — Tracey Batterson Looney


“My normal is whatever the day brings.” — Becky Hirsh Carroll


“Our new normal: Letting go of the future you expected your child to have and embracing whatever each day has in store, making the best of it.” — Carlye Read


How do you define “normal?” We want to hear from you, let us know in the comments below.

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