This Rapper With Autism Has an Important Message to Share

Self expression can be a powerful tool for change.

Ryan Larmour, 18, is a teenager from Northern Ireland and rap artist with Asperger’s syndrome, according to the YouTube video below. His music addresses the difficulties of being on the autism spectrum in our society.

“With my rap music I hope to raise awareness, inspire and help support others just like me,” Larmour says in the video description below.

Enjoy the song and its positive message of inclusion and acceptance:


Ryan’s rap name is W.A.D., which stands for “We’re All Different,” according to Autism Speaks. It was also the name of a song he wrote which raised £4,277 ($6768) for autism.

He can feel so rejected at times and does struggle to fit into a world and a society that does not understand him,” Raymond Larmour, Ryan’s father, wrote on Autism Speaks. “It is these feelings that have helped fuel the lyrics and ideas for his songs, which he has channeled into making a positive change.”

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