Watch This Heroic Wheelchair-User Thwart an Attempted Robbery

This man is a hero.

Larry Skopnik, from Vancouver, was in a convenience store last week when a customer became agitated and threatened to rob the place, according to the video below. When the man came behind the counter towards the female clerk, Skopnik took action — from his wheelchair, he put the man in a headlock and tackled him to the floor.

See Skopnik’s heroic actions in the video below:

The store clerk, Cindy Grewal, thanked Skopnik and hailed him as a hero for his selfless actions, CTV News reported. She and some other patrons detained the suspect until police arrived.

Yes I’m in a wheelchair but I still have all the morals and standards that my dad and mother put into me to help people, to stand up to bullies,” Skopnik told the outlet. “People have a perception of people in wheelchairs as being unable when we’re 99 percent able. There’s only four things I can’t do in life, and that’s walk, run, jump and kick. Everything else I’m totally able to do, and helping other people is one of them.”

h/t Reddit Disability

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