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Darius Rucker Teamed Up With a Cancer Patient’s Dad to Make This Beautiful Tribute

A grateful parent and a famous musician came together to make something special.

In 2009, Turner and Tara Simkins’s son, Brennan, was diagnosed with a rare genetic subtype of acute myeloid leukemia, according to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He was only 7 at the time, and his treatment options were limited. After three bone marrow transplants and a lot of chemotherapy, Brennan, now 12, has been in remission since 2011.

Right after Brennan’s third transplant, Turner Simkins sat down to write a song about his son’s experience and to thank the hospital staff for everything they did.

It’s about gratitude and the gifts we always have, regardless of our circumstances,” Simkins says on the St. Jude website. “It’s a song about faith, friends, family and possibilities.”

The hospital worked with GoPro Productions to record the song with Grammy-winning country music star Darius Rucker.

Music is really good at giving people hope to think things are going to get better,” Rucker says at the beginning of the video below. “That’s what this song is all about. I think for a lot of parents, when their kids get sick, hope is so hard to find.”

Watch the moving video below, inspired by Brennan’s story of recovery: 

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