Mother and 2-Year-Old Daughter Fighting Cancer Together Find Selfless Use of Their Time

One diagnosis of cancer is awful enough, but two at the same time is more than most families can bear. This family, however, found the strength not only to carry on but to help others along the way.

Kelly and Dave Thomas, of Frisco, Texas, found out that their youngest daughter, Lainey, had acute lymphoblastic leukemia two weeks before her second birthday in August 2013, according to their website. Then, just before running a half marathon to raise awareness in April 2014, Kelly Thomas was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer.

While undergoing treatment, Thomas asked her family and friends to do random acts of kindness and post them to her Facebook page so she had something positive to look forward to every day. Over the course of her six chemotherapy sessions, more than 170 strangers committed random acts of kindness, ranging from simple coffee purchases to a plane ticket bought for a grandmother who had never met her grandkid.


Thomas was so touched by all these kind deeds that she started her own nonprofit, the Love is Louder Than Cancer Foundation.

The foundation works with hospitals to provide financial and emotional support for families dealing with a cancer diagnosis. It provides “wallets of love” that have gift cards inside.

We want to help other families that are going through this,” Thomas told Right This Minute. “We feel like there is a reason for everything, and if we can do something else through our journey to be able to help others, that’s really what it’s all about.”

The Thomas family has been through a lot, but now they have good news to share.

On September 30, 2014, on her 40th birthday, Kelly Thomas underwent a double mastectomy, and no evidence of cancer was found afterwards, according to the Love is Louder Than Cancer website. Lainey also responded well to treatments and is currently in remission but will continue to have chemotherapy until November 2015.

Watch the Right This Minute video below to see the mother and daughter discuss their journey:

To donate to the Love is Louder Than Cancer Foundation, visit the website.

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