This State Trooper Pulled Over a Woman Driving to See Her Sick Son. Then He Did Something Awesome.

These state troopers went above and beyond to help a mother get to her ill son.

Helen Smith, 87, from southern Nevada, found out Friday that her son, Randy, was sick and in a hospital in Ogden, Utah, CBS News reported. Smith attempted to drive the 350 miles to be with him, only to be stopped in central Utah by State Trooper Jeff Jones.

Jones pulled Smith over for driving too close to the patrol car and was about to let her go with a warning when she reversed into his car, The Associated Press reported. Jones determined she was not fit to drive the whole journey on her own — but instead of sending her home, he drove her to Juab County, where he handed her off to another trooper who drove her to Utah County. Another trooper met her there.

In total, Smith had four trooper escourts to get her to Ogden Regional Medical Center to see her ailing son. The final trooper in the procession, Andrew Pollard, personally led Smith into the medical center.

To hold her hand walking into the hospital was very, very rewarding,” he told CBS.

Smith says her son is not doing well, but she’s happy to be with him during this time.

Watch the full story in the video below: 

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