Watch This Teen With Cerebral Palsy Sing With Her Out-of-This-World Hero

Abby McAuley, 14, is a precocious guitar-playing Canadian teen who loves science. Because she was born prematurely, Abby lives with some challenges including mild cerebral palsy and a severe hearing impairment, according to the video below.

The Sunshine Foundation, a Canadian charity that provides individual dreams to children with severe physical disabilities, as well as life-threatening illnesses, recently decided to make a dream come true for Abby. They arranged for her to meet her hero — retired astronaut and first Canadian to walk on the moon, Commander Chris Hadfield.

She got to ask him questions like, “What’s it like to sneeze in space?” before playing a duet on the guitar with Hadfield. The two of them sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” together.

Watch the whole interaction in the video below:

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