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Thanks to a Kind Stranger, This Woman Was Able to Leave Her House for the First Time in Four Years

This is a beautiful reminder of the joy people can bring to others.

As a part of TD Bank‘s Make Today Matter campaign,  they have been offering $30,000 to customers who want to make a difference in their community. These customers then have one day to spend the money.

When Michael from Ontario, Canada was given the opportunity, he chose to give back by helping make the homes of some people with disabilities in his community more accessible, according to the YouTube video below. Michael, who has been in a wheelchair for 18 years, understands the frustrations of accessibility problems.

At the 2:21 minute mark a woman is able to come out of her house for the first time in four years thanks to the ramp that Michael and TD Bank built for her.

There’s good people in the world, and a lot of people don’t see that everyday,” Michael says in the video. “This experience has shown me that.”

Watch the emotional moment she leaves her home in the video below:


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