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The Emotional Moment a Community Righted a Wrong Done to This Man With Special Needs

This is community at its best.

Orey Green-Jalal, 28, is a Special Olympics athlete from Arlington, Texas, who spends hours in his driveway playing basketball, NBC News reported. Recently, somebody stole his prized basketball hoop from his front yard, leaving Green-Jalal devastated.

Luckily the kind people of the Arlington Police Department and the Arlington Clergy and Police Partnership (ACAPP), a local church organization, came to the rescue. They spent money they’d saved for a Christmas party on not only replacing the hoop but to cementing it into Green-Jalal’s driveway to prevent future theft.

The look on his face and the joy in his eye – it was priceless,” Charles Richardson, ACAPP Board President, told NBC.

Watch the whole story, along with the big reveal of the new hoop to an ecstatic Green-Jalal, in the video below:


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