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The Moment Pope Francis Made This 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Dream Come True

Gracie West, 11, was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma a year ago, CBS News reported. Since then she’s already had nine rounds of chemotherapy, but she has never lost her positive outlook on life.

“My motto is, you have no choice but to be strong, but you can choose to be happy and positive,” she told the outlet. “That’s helped me through a ton of stuff. I have to stay through this. I have to keep going.”

Gracie, a Catholic, expressed a desire to meet Pope Francis, and The Make-A-Wish foundation decided to help her do it. The whole family was flown to Rome where she and her brother got to enter a special area and meet the Pope Francis, who kissed Gracie on the head and gave her a blessing.

Watch the whole interaction in the video below: 

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