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This 8-Year-Old Just Set a New Standard for What It Means To Be a Best Friend

Dylan Siegel and Jonah Pournazarian are best friends.

Jonah, 8, lives with an extremely rare liver condition called GSD Type 1b that requires him to be fed through a tube in his stomach every three hours. He’s only one of 500 children in the world with this particular condition, according to ABC News.

As his best friend, Dylan, also 8, decided to do something to help — he wrote a book called “Chocolate Bar” to raise money for a cure for Jonah’s disease.



When the boys were just 6 years old, Dylan held a fundraising event at their school where he sold 200 copies of his book along with chocolate bars, making more than $5,000 in just hours, according to the Chocolate Bar Book website. Next, Dylan and Jonah held a book reading and signing at Barnes & Noble that attracted media attention. Before they knew it, sales had taken off.

People from all 50 states have bought the book, as well as people from 60 countries, according to ABC News.

Now, just two years after Dylan first wrote the book for his friend, “Chocolate Bar” has netted $1 million in sales.

This is an incredible accomplishment for Dylan, who set $1 million as his original goal, but it’s even better news for Jonah, who now has hope of someday finding a cure and leading a normal life.

I hope it will mean that he will be all better for the rest of his life and not have to deal with this anymore,” Dylan tells ABC News in the video below.


All the funds from the book go directly to Jonah’s research fund at the University of Florida where GSD expert Dr. David Weinstein is completing the research phase and preparing for human clinical trials, according to the Chocolate Bar Book website.

Watch Dylan and Jonah’s amazing journey in the video below: 


Visit here to order a copy of the book or to make a donation. 

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