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Witness the Incredible Way This Blind Man ‘Sees’ With Sound

Human beings are capable of amazing things.

Daniel Kish no longer had the use of either of his eyes by the time he was 13 months old, according to the video below. Incredibly, Kish has since developed a new mechanism for navigating the world around him — echolocation.

Kish’s form of echolocation is called “flash sonar,” and it involves him making a series of clicking sounds with his mouth when he’s identifying objects in his environment. He’s become attuned to the way these clicks bounce off nearby structures and can therefore sense the objects around him.

In this way, he uses sound to see.

For us it’s all about freedom,” Kish says in the video below.  “Freedom to choose, freedom to be without conditions, without restrictions. And flash sonar is just one element of that.”

Watch Kish’s incredible abilities in action in the video below: 

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