I Never Realized My Daughter With Cerebral Palsy Would Do All This

My little girl was never formally diagnosed, her condition — cerebral palsy — was just mentioned in discussion when I was assigned to a new doctor. When I then asked what cerebral palsy was, with hindsight I can tell he realized he’d just accidentally set off a land mine.

I often think of that day, how it changed the course of my and my family’s life. How I sat still on the couch after the doctor left, looking at my twin girls, my eyes always going back to Molly. How, while she was in her baby seat, you’d never know how severe her lack of balance was. How I know knew the cause.

Something was in motion — that sense of panic. I was unable to stop it. The damage was done. “Not curable.” “Doesn’t get worse, but the symptoms will develop over time.” What did that mean?

little girl in school uniform with walking aids If I could walk into my living room that day and talk to myself, this is what I would say:

Do not panic or spend hours and hours in a mindless sense of trying to find a way of fixing it. You will cope because above all else, you love your children. Molly will be luckier than many. She will talk, she will walk and she will have a happy life. More than that, she will be your greatest inspiration.

She will…
– be the most determined person you will ever know and will laugh and be cheery every day.
– swing in a tree rope, climb a cargo net, go on a zip wire, go pillion on a motorbike and basically have a go at anything any other kid would. Her spirit of adventure will be never ending.
– start wheelchair basket ball and love it. The sport, the club, the competitiveness and teaching other kids how to play. That cheery nature and her desire to help others will mean adults will recognize her as “such a joy to be around.”
– be nominated for awards and strive to do really well in her subjects at both mainstream and motor impairment schools.
– mature in a beautiful way and will hold you tight when the man you love leaves. Her strength and determination will help you find the strength again to love and look after all three of your children.
-She will be your hero.

woman in basketball jersey

My daughter is simply amazing. I love her to bits for being the most courageous person I know.

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